Thursday, August 14, 2014

INTRO+REVIEW:: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to talk about the Lucas' Papaw Ointment for a while now. The ointment is an Australian drugstore product with Papaya (Papaw) being its main ingredient. 

I first encountered this miracle product when my mum brought some back from Aussie as she got bad mosquito bites and a local recommended it to her. 

The ointment is quite thick in consistency and works on all sorts of things. When I went to Aussie last year, my friend informed me that it is most commonly used as a lip product, which surprised me actually, given its consistency, which feels a bit oily. 

I tried it on my lips anyway and it works like a dream - especially on the plane and when you are in drier climate and your lips start getting really chapped. I never travel without this little tube now. I have only recently decided to research this product and found that it actually has antiseptic properties, which would explain why it helps with mosquito/insects bites or even minor wounds. Its website also claims that it helps temporarily relieve symptoms of eczema, though I am not sure about that as I (very fortunately) do not suffer from eczema. 

The Pawpaw Ointment comes in a 25g tube (as in the picture) or a 200g jar (which is handy for use at home). The price is something like AUD$4.00 which is equivalent to about HK$32 (I've found out that you can purchase the product from Net-A-Porter HK, but will cost around HK$80 plus HK$50 shipping), so if you have friends in Aussie or if you're visiting Aussie anytime, do grab a few tubes! This product is a must-try! 

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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