Friday, July 18, 2014

REVIEW:: Annie's Way Jelly Mask (Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid)

Happy Friday! I have recently purchased the Annie's Way Jelly Mask from Log-On in Hong Kong. The 250ml jar was only HK$125, which is a great deal! For those who haven't heard, Annie's Way is a really hit mask on the market now, and is a Taiwanese brand with the product also made in Taiwan.

The jelly mask comes in over 6 pots with different functions in addition to its main selling point, dragging out your sebum, blackheads/whiteheads and whatnot and in essence, just clearing your pores. 

I chose the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask (I think it says "Brighting" on the packaging but...). Arbutin is a common and effective chemical that lightens/whitens/brightens (whatever you want to call it) your skin. Arbutin basically works to inhibit the production of melanin, which gives us our skin colour (not just that but also the colour of our hair, our eyes etc.). Arbutin is completely safe to use and is a common ingredient found in many brightening skincare products. 

I don't think I have to emphasize on the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid but I found these to be a great combination as lightening chemicals usually have a slightly drying effect on your skin but the hyaluronic acid should balance it out perfectly. 

There's actually a seal sticker on the jar which will read "VOID" once you break it open - so you definitely know that the jar has not been opened before. There is a protective cover inside the jar as well so as to ensure that the product is completely sealed. 

Once you lift the protective cover, you see a thick, clear jelly mask (other pots comes in different colour, for example, the red wine mask is a sort of maroon colour and the black charcoal is black). 

The mask has to be layered onto the face quick thickly (about the thickness on the spatula), as otherwise, it may absorb into your skin, which is not what we are trying to do here. The mask is supposed to drag out the dirt/pollutants/nasty stuff in your skin! 

If it is your first time using the mask, I would recommend leaving it on for no more than 30 minutes as the dragging action may cause some sensitive skin to itch or sting. When removing the mask, Annie's Way recommend using the spatula to scrap it off (the action which will also get rid of any blackheads that was dragged to the surface of your skin). 

I experienced a stinging sensation at about 20 minutes of application but left it on for 30 minutes. The mask literally dragged out all my whiteheads that even my trusty clay masks couldn't do, or takes a few days to do. I also saw instant lightening effect, which was still apparent throughout the next day. My verdict - worth every penny! 

Last but not least, it is probably worth mentioning that the mask is recommended to be used once a week for deep cleansing - though if you have really oily/problematic skin, I'm sure using it twice a week will not be a problem, especially in this insane heat in Hong Kong.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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