Sunday, May 25, 2014

REVIEW:: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Happy weekend guys! I have been using the Fresh soy face cleanser for about a year now as my double up cleanser after makeup removal. The cleanser is a very gentle gel based cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. It is so gentle that you can even use it on your eyes. 

Gel cleansers are my love during the terrible humid summers we experience here in Hong Kong. After using the Fresh soy face cleanser, my face does not only feel thoroughly cleansed but also instantaneously feel soft to the touch. 

The cleanser contains very basic ingredients (much like all products from Fresh), such as rosewater and cucumber extract which both help in calming your skin (so if you have very sensitive skin or skin prone to redness, this will be perfect for you). 

The main ingredient of the cleanser is soy protein, which is rich in amino acid. Our body is made up of 20% of protein, and amino acids are the building blocks to protein. Amino acid is a very important ingredient as it removes impurities on our skin caused from metabolism. Being able to remove dead skin cells is an extremely important step in any cleansing routine as you don't want all your skincare to sit on top of your skin without being absorbed! 

The cleanser is 150ml (yes, quite a huge quantity) and comes in a squeeze tube packaging with a snap cap. Product can be easily dispensed, though it is opaque and you cannot see how much product remains (which is quite annoying sometimes). I do love how the tube is a clean, pure white colour. 

The price was (if memory serves me) about HK$250. It is a mid-tier price and it is completely worth it for those of you looking for a very basic cleanser that does its job, smells divine (rosewater), and looks pretty on your shelf. I would not recommend using solely this to remove any form of make-up though!  

As it is a gel cleanser, it does not foam even when you mix it with water. I actually like this - because it usually take a chemical agent in order to form the foams and a non-foaming cleanser just means that there is one less chemical involved. 

As a packaging oriented person, I want to wrap this up focusing on how beautiful even the box containing the cleanser is - look at the intricate embossed pattern! 

Overall, the Fresh soy face cleanser is an amazing basic cleanser that does not strip your face and retains moisture, whilst giving and maintaining radiance. 

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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