Sunday, July 13, 2014

SWATCH & REVIEW:: 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Lip Products

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! A long due blog post on another haul of lip products from 3CE :) For those who has not yet heard of this Korean cosmetics brand - you can follow the link HERE to my first blog post about 3CE. 

3CE produces a lot of lip products - no doubt due to the craze over Korean lippies (as seen on Korean celebs) and I picked up several of these to test out as they are relatively cheap for amazing quality! 

First up is the 3CE Creamy Lip Colour, which I picked up in #kiss woo. As can be seen in the picture, it comes in a funky package that kind of reminds me of MAC and the lipstick itself is contained in a sleek and simple black casing with their logo printed in the middle. 

#kiss woo is a bright classic red and is extremely pigmented. It applied amazingly on the lips - exactly in the colour you can see from the swatch above. It did dry out my lips after several hours of application (perhaps 1.5 - 2 hours) though it did not make my lips peel. However, one thing worth mentioning is that even though it dried out my lips a little, the colour really stayed put and all I had to do was apply some lip balm and voila - good as new!

Next up is the Jumbo Lip Crayon. I picked this up at two different times so the packaging is different. One is a simple stick that requires sharpening (which requires purchasing a separate sharpener) and the other is a twist crayon that does not require any sharpening. 3CE is actually repackaging their Jumbo Lip Crayon now and soon, all of them will be available in the twist crayon version. 

The first one I picked up is #popping p which is a purple-pink. As with the Creamy Lip Colour, it applied amazingly, did not make my lips peel but did dry out after 1.5 - 2 hours of wear with the colour staying put. 

The second one is #bohemian pink which is, for some reason, packaged as coral. It comes out in a wonderful everyday pink with perhaps just a very slight bit of coral tinge, as you will be able to see in the swatch below. I also feel that this one has a slightly creamier texture than the #popping p though I'm not sure whether 3CE is revamping their formula as well as their packaging. 

Do these crayons remind anyone of the NARS Satin Lip Pencils? They are very similar, though I shall do a comparison review in another post. 

The third product I picked up is their Lip Marker in #Pink. Now I would not recommend wearing this all over your lips as it REALLY dried mine out. Though, it is undeniably great for creating that gradient lip look that is so hip in Asia now. The colour staying power did not disappoint, as with all the 3CE lip products I tried, though it was quite uncomfortable when I attempted to put it all over my lips. 

Top to bottom: Jumbo Lip Crayon in #popping p - #bohemian pink - Lip Marker in #Pink

The prices of these products are incredible for the quality they offer. The Creamy Lip Colour is USD19.71, the Jumbo Lip Crayon and the Lip Marker are both USD16.51 each. If you are looking to try out the bright lippies trend and do not want to fork out USD40 - 50 for premium brands, 3CE is definitely my choice of the year! They have an amazing colour range and different texture lipsticks made to suit anything you would prefer.

There are stores in I.T. around Hong Kong for those of you here, but otherwise, they are quite easily accessible via the Stylenanda website or even Yesstyle (though with prices marked up a little bit).

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and review!

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